Service Is Our Only Product

We are a trucking company dedicated to deliver your products on time. Now you have the reliability you needed to make your business grow.

At Lexmar the customer always comes first. We understand the same saying holds true for you and we do everything possible to ensure that we fulfill your desired to provide your clients with the best service. Super Sonic Trucking And Warehousing does Delivery - Freight - Trucking Services. Our Goal is to provide you with definite transportation solutions so that you can always meet or surpass your delivery deadline.

A core belief at Lexmar is to hire the best driving associates to deliver top tier safety and service results.

Carl Evans
Drive defensively. Leave as much room as possible between yourself and the cars and trucks around you.

Daniel Curiel
Early planning. Also, being a trainer, I like to give my students what I call tips for survival. I tell them to monitor the weather ban, listen for other driver's warnings, so you know what is ahead of you around the bend.


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